The Band

Elliott 1

Elliott – Vocals

“I’m your standard rock/metal singer. 10% shouting, 20% singing, 30% swagger and 70% maths genius.
If there’s a crowd, I can make it a mosh pit. If there’s an individual at the back of the room, I’ll be right next to them singing in their face.
You have been warned.”
Ant - 1

Ant – Guitar/Vocals

“I’m the mastermind behind It’s Not A Phase, Mum!
I love showing off on stage, playing guitar with my teeth, jumping around, I might even attempt to spin my guitar around my body, basically anything to get some attention.
I would do the rock thing of smashing my guitar on stage, but I love my guitars too much, they are better than people.”



Jimmy 2

Jimmy – Bass/Vocals

“So here I am, If there is fun to be had on the horizon then I’m on my way. Dive headfirst into the deep end and have a laugh all the way. Bouncing on stage is where I feel at home, Rock’n away with my friends and a banging audience is what it’s all about. 20 years into my musical journey and I’m still loving every minute of it. Catch you all at a show soon. Take care all.”
Chris 1

Mac – Drums

“I’m a shadow-lurking drummer that spends more time inspecting my cymbals for splits than practicing the material. It’s a good thing I know how to play every song that has ever existed ever, otherwise I’d surely be in trouble…”